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TL Premier Construction

Commercial Remodeling

Multifamily Renovation Services

Are You Looking to Begin a Renovation Project at Your Apartment Building?

If you are a management company or property owner who would like to consult with TL Premier Construction about your multifamily remodeling projects, please contact us @ 619-300-4042

TL Premier Construction offers a wide array of apartment renovation services. Whether your plans include a cosmetic renovation or a complete rebuild, our team of experts will efficiently manage your project from conception through completion.

TL Premier Construction will manage your interior unit remodeling project from start to finish. Our team will help identify the materials and finishes that will increase the value of your property, and keep tenants satisfied and attracted to modern upgrades. We focus on quality of work and the greatest value so your unit turn renovations can be done in scale. Revitalizing your apartment community can begin with a renovation “face-lift” today!

Residential Remodeling

Kitchen & Bath Renovation Services

Next to buying a house, the remodeling & renovation of your property is one of the most important decisions you'll make. From kitchen and bathroom to entire home remodeling, our team will help to guide you through that process with a result you'll be proud of!

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